Our People

Advisory Board

The Melbourne Networked Society Institute's Advisory Board assists the Institute to achieve its objectives and to maximise its influence, impact and engagement. The Advisory Board provides extensive industry experience to the Institute providing essential support to MNSI's research objectives.

The Advisory Board is chaired by Steve Wood, Vice President Aruba Networks.

Advisory Board Members

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the Institute Director and representatives from schools across the University. The Executive Committee is responsible for managing the research program of the Institute, approving allocations of research seed funding to Institute researchers, and ensuring that all research programs align with the Institute's goals and objectives.

Institute Fellows

Institute Fellows are at the forefront of understanding the impact of the networked society. Fellows actively support the Institute's activities through research, outreach and collaboration.

Institute Staff

The staff of MNSI are responsible for managing the administrative and research activities of the Institute.

  • Thas Nirmalathas
    Thas Nirmalathas, Institute Director
  • Fiorella Chiodo
    Fiorella Chiodo, Executive Assistant
  • Ken Clarke
    Ken Clarke, Deputy Director (MNSI Lab)
  • Anchalee Laiprasert (Mai)
    Anchalee Laiprasert (Mai), Systems Analyst
  • Roger Hughes
    Roger Hughes, Finance Manager
  • Chamil Jayasundara
    Chamil Jayasundara, Research Fellow
  • Yunhan Li
    Yunhan Li, Software Developer
  • Adam Lodders
    Adam Lodders, Executive Officer
  • Kate Murray
    Kate Murray, Communications Officer
  • Scott Cameron, STEM Research Assistant
  • Luke Heemsbergen, Research Fellow


The Melbourne Networked Society Institute is fortunate to draw on the depth of research undertaken at the University of Melbourne. Details of MNSI researchers are available on the project pages.