Peter Hormann

Peter Hormann

Honorary Enterprise Fellow, Melbourne Networked Society Institute

Environment Engineer, NBN Australia

Director and Victorian Chapter Chair, TelSoc

Research Interests

  • Telecommunications, Internet, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Climate Resiliency


Peter Hormann has been a professional engineer for more than 25 years. He is currently an Environment Engineer within NBN's Environment and Sustainability team and focused on network energy efficiency, carbon emissions, renewable energy and climate change resiliency. He is also an Honorary Enterprise Fellow at the Melbourne Networked Society Institute at the University of Melbourne, and a Director and Victorian Chapter Chair at the TelSoc.

He was previously an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (an Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs and University of Melbourne partnership). His formative career experience was established at Telstra Research Laboratories (TRL), REACH (based in the USA), Telstra International (based in Hong Kong), and Telstra's Network/IT Engineering and Architecture organisations. Peter has a Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Systems and Telecommunications from RMIT University.

Selected Publications

Peter Hormann 'Making ICT Decommissioning Sexy! Challenges and Opportunities' Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (ajTDE) July 2017.

Peter Hormann 'Data Storage Energy Efficiency in the Zettabyte EraAustralian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (ajTDE) October 2014