About the Institute

Director's Welcome

Thas A. Nirmalathas
Thas A. Nirmalathas, Institute Director

Welcome to the Melbourne Networked Society Institute (MNSI). The explosion in the number of connected devices projected over the coming decade will have a transformative effect upon society. This is being witnessed in the proliferation of mobile devices and the expanding number of objects and people connecting to the Internet. These advances in computing and communications technologies are enabling the creation of a networked society, defined by the connectivity between people, places and things.

The challenges and opportunities of the networked society transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. Understanding the networked society requires an interdisciplinary approach. The Melbourne Networked Society Institute's mission is to foster interdisciplinary research focused upon the key question:

How can society take advantage of networks and connectivity to improve quality of life, efficiency and sustainability?

Institute History

The Melbourne Networked Society Institute officially commenced in February 2015. MNSI builds upon the history of the Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society (IBES) and marks the natural evolution of the Institute as research has evolved from focusing on universal access to broadband to the complexity, scale and speed of connectivity underpinning the networked society.