Research Projects

PhD Students

MNSI is training the next generation of researchers for the networked society through the provision of PhD Scholarships.

  • Alexa Scarlata: Producing Pirates
  • Estelle Boyle: Mediating social exclusion
  • Gnanakumar Thedchanamoorthy: Nth Order Assortativity Influence Modelling
  • Kevin (Kwang Baek) Lee: Low Energy Routing Protocol in IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Fernando Estrada: Users' Perceptions of Mobile Applications for Mental Health
  • Ibraham AL-Mahdi: An evaluation of Online Medical Consultations
  • Tshepo M Rasekaba: Telemedicine for Insulin Treated Gestational Diabetes
  • Kate O'Connor: Disciplinarity, epistemic authority and curriculum
  • Robbie Fordyce: Post-Autonomist Political Theories and Philosophies of Networked Communication
  • Paula de Barba: Motivation and Autonomous Learning in Online Learning Environments
  • Veronica Fitzgerald: Unpacking the Ultranet: Home-School Uses