The University of Melbourne's Networked Society Institute catalyses interdisciplinary research to understand and create the connected future. We provide a focal point enabling the University of Melbourne to address the impact of connectivity on society.

The networked society is rapidly emerging from the increasing connectivity between people, places and things. This transformation is being powered by digital, networking and automated technologies.

Our research seeks to both address the challenges and realise the opportunities of the networked society. This requires a diversity of knowledge, practical expertise and experience. We achieve this by building upon our history to nurture new collaborations to establish interdisciplinary teams to work on innovative research projects.

Our people are drawn from the breadth of research talent at the University of Melbourne and comprise a diverse community interested in realising the networked society.

Our Lab is at the heart of the Institute providing technical leadership and research expertise to develop and apply new technologies to diverse domains.

We have an open approach to partnerships and collaborations actively engage with researchers, industry, governments and not-for-profits across Victoria, Australia and the world.

Our aim is to ensure the networked society delivers a positive social impact to the whole community.