Academic Centre for Cyber Security Excellence

As connectivity is increasing exponentially and an ever increasing proportion of existence is being carried out via networks, ensuring the safety and security of our networked infrastructure is an increasing concern. For an effective networked society cybersecurity is essential.

In 2017, the Commonwealth Government selected the University of Melbourne and Edith Cowan University to share $1.9 million in Federal Government funding as Australia’s first Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence.

The Centres are a key pillar in leading Commonwealth efforts to build the cybersecurity expertise and job-ready skills needed by Australian industries.

The Centre will provide a focal point to further research relating to cybersecurity. Prof Chris Leckie an Institute Fellow and member of the Executive Committee will lead the Centre which is developing a training and research agenda that brings together expertise from the technical disciplines, law and the social sciences.

The Centre receives support and assistance from the Networked Society Institute and provides a focal point for University researchers to engage with pressing research issue.

The Centre will consolidate the long-term teaching and research focus on cybersecurity at the University of Melbourne. The Centre will also become a driver for increase collaboration across industry and the community to improve cybersecurity.

A key aspect of the Centre will be to develop the skills pipeline for cybersecurity in Australia. This activity, working closely with the Cyber Security Growth Centre, will ensure the Australian economy will have access to cyber security graduates and expertise. This will help strengthen existing industries and critical infrastructure, but also assist to build new jobs and businesses in this rapidly emerging sector.