Cybersecurity and Democracy Network

The Cybersecurity and Democracy Network is a forum for researchers, industry and government to meet, share and exchange ideas, build collaborations and work across boundaries to uncover and develop new ideas and solutions.

The Institute is nurturing a community of interdisciplinary researchers, industry collaborators and government to ensure the networked society is safe and secure.

The Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity and Democracy Network, Chaired by Dr Vanessa Teague – Institute Fellow (Cybersecurity and Data Privacy) and organised by a Committee, explores the fundamental questions about the relationship between citizens and government in a world of big data, e-voting and surveillance. The team aims to design practical solutions to cryptographic problems such as secure elections and private record linkage.

The objective is to break down the barriers between academia, civil society and government, organising real conversations informed by deep technical knowledge, to deliver better engineering and public policy on our most challenging social, political and technical questions across Data and Privacy, Encryption and Surveillance, and Electronic voting and e-government.

The network undertakes interdisciplinary research based on a solid understanding of applied cryptography and the mathematics of privacy to analyse and solve practical problems.  The network seeks to provide a space to support taking the hard decisions, those that involve both tremendous benefits and substantial risks.