Can I download a car? 3D printing research paper launch

Richard Newton Rooms
Lvl 5, Electronic and Electrical Engineering (bldg 193)
University of Melbourne


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Kate Murray

T: 03 8344 5335

The number of users connecting to each other on the internet to find, share, and create 3D printed goods has grown exponentially over the last few years.

But what do consumers need to know before printing in 3D? There are potential risks in creating and sharing 3D printable files; how can users mitigate them, and what kinds of safeguards are in place?

Interdisciplinary researchers from our Domestic 3D Printing research project, hope to address some of these issues though their report 3D Printing Rights & Responsibilities: consumer perceptions & realities.

With funding from the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) Grants project, they have created a website to offer consumers a range of easy to understand guides and information to help safeguard their work and take advantage of this emerging technology.

The 3D Printing Info (3DPI) website is now live and is a vital resource for anyone interested in learning, teaching, or dabbling in 3D printing.

We invite you to join us for the launch of their latest research paper and a celebration of the achievements of the team. The event will include a short talk on the project developments and a chance to meet and talk with the Domestic 3D Printing research team.

You can read more about the 3D Printing website in this University of Melbourne media release. This is a ticketed event, with registrations via Eventbrite.

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