Data and Inequity: Who is missing in Big Data?

Room G06, Elisabeth Murdoch
Building 134, Spencer Rd
University of Melbourne


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As our reliance on (Big) Data increases, it is essential to understand the biases and gaps inherent in such information, if we are to derive valid insights and knowledge from it. Individuals who experience existing disadvantage are often unequally represented in data, including government and administrative datasets. Failure to identify this disparity can lead to reinforcement of the status quo, enhance structural inequalities in provision of services, and amplify inequity of outcomes.

Partners in interdisciplinary research involving data need to develop a clear shared understanding of this context and the challenges it represents, both for methods development and interpretation of analytic outcomes, if we are to do good science together.

The Data, Systems and Society Research Network (DSSRN) at the University of Melbourne is hosting a one day symposium to critically examine the implications of data-driven inequality, inequity and discrimination by drawing together experts across disciplinary boundaries in the academy.

Key themes of the day include: data sovereignty and Aboriginal people, justice, health data, and governance structures.

View the full program and event posters here. We look forward to seeing you there!