Domestic 3D Printing Research Seminar

Richard Newton Rooms Lvl 5, Bldg 193 Electrical and Electronic Engineering University of Melbourne


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Kate Murray

The Domestic 3D Printing Research Project investigates how everyday people understand 3D printing, with the research aiming to map the existing and future connections between institutional and non-institutional use of 3D printing.

To do this, our researchers used interviews with experts and beginners combined with big data analysis to gather a picture of how people are actually using 3D printers today.

Findings from the research relating to the use of 3D printing in Universities were published in an academic article last year - 3D printing and university makerspaces: Surveying countercultural communities in institutional settings.

The overall findings from this project will be published as an Institute Research Paper in April 2016.

This seminar is to launch the publication and learn more about how the project is moving forward. It will include a presentation from researchers followed by a Q&A session and casual discussion forum.

The researchers are continuing their work in this emerging area with the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) project “Can I download a car?”: Emerging consumer issues for online access, communication and sharing of 3D printer files, which aims to improve consumer knowledge and protections around consumer issues regarding the sharing of 3D printable files.