Driving for Change research progress seminar

Interaction Design Lab
Ninth floor
Doug McDonell Building


Taxi drivers have many risk factors for poor mental health, including high stress, abuse, threats to personal safety, long and irregular working hours, unstable income, sedentary lifestyle, changing regulations, unregulated competitors, and lack of bargaining power. Two-thirds of drivers are born overseas, with migration contributing to a lack of supportive social networks. Despite their high needs, overseas studies have shown that drivers have very low levels of help-seeking.

Driving for Change involves multiple studies including ethnographic and survey research, design focus groups, and a lab study of the efficacy of video games for improving mood. Our initial design will target taxi drivers, but it is envisaged that the technology will be adaptable to other high-risk groups.

In this work-in-progress seminar we will present our study design and initial results, propose possible technology responses, and welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Dr Sandra Davidson, Department of General Practice

Dr Greg Wadley, Department of Computing and Information Systems