Forming Networks Through a Social Lens

Richard Newton Rooms
Level 5, Electrical Engineering Building
The University of Melbourne


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Fiorella Chiodo

Richard Chenhall, MNSI Fellow (Digital Anthropology)

Research Seminar: Tuesday 15 September 2015

Richard Chenhall, an anthropologist at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health will discuss a series of recent projects conducted in collaboration with MNSI. Richard will discuss projects that utilise mobile applications and information platforms that engage with issues around human interconnectivity and representations of human experience and identity, which are essential when thinking about a networked society. Firstly, through the Sonic Japan project, Richard will discuss the representation of sound as an underrepresented feature of human social life in understanding society. Secondly, through a series of projects that engages with the connectivity obtained through participatory mobile applications, Richard looks at the way in which different communities can utilise mobile applications to collect, share and disseminate various types of purposive information.

Seminar Details

Date: Tuesday 15 September 2015
Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Venue: Richard Newton Rooms, Level 5 Electrical Engineering Building, University of Melbourne
RSVP: Fiorella Chiodo,