Why are foreign internet companies failing in China? with Yanbo Wang

public lecture

Cohen Theatre
Melbourne Business School
200 Leicester Street
Carlton, VIC 3053


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Kate Murray


China has become a land where global internet giants often fail. Ebay, Google, and Uber, they all arrived with high expectations but pulled out of the country because of frustrations. Governmental restrictions are part of the story but could have these global giants succeeded even if there were no state interventions?

Our speaker will examine the competition dynamics between Chinese and foreign internet companies to show how the locals have developed unique competence out of "adversity", i.e. an environment where many elements of market supporting institutions are missing or underdeveloped. He will also discuss some common approaches that Chinese companies are using in innovation practices.

This event is a co-hosted by Melbourne Business School and the Networked Society Institute.

About our speaker

Yanbo Wang is an assistant professor of strategy and policy at the National University of Singapore Business School. His research examines how social and political institutions shape entrepreneurial behaviours and firm performances in transitional economies. He has worked closely with state agencies to investigate the impact of public innovation subsidy programs on early-stage technology start-ups in China. His research has been published in leading academic journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Management Science and Research Policy. His current projects study how Chinese firms and state agencies adjust their behaviours under the communist party's anti-corruption campaign.