Network Transformation with Software Defined Networking: Blue Planet Platform

Richard Newton Rooms
Level 5, Electrical Engineering Building (193)
University of Melbourne


Seminar: Richard Lopez - Ciena

Network operators are seeking to have end-to-end service orchestrations over a network built with multivendor network platforms. Blue planet is a software defined networking environment designed to facilitate this network transformation and automation. This presentation will outline the Blue Planet platform from a technology stand-point, and will examine its unique composition and paradigm of adoption of opensource technologies and open principles as have been proven in the web domain but which are relatively unknown in the Telco sector. 

This talk will cover topics such as:

  • Blue Planet Architecture (philosophy, components, openness, opensource, standards, modeling, abstraction, API’s etc)
  • Specifics of other Customer Projects (use cases, architecture adopted, integrations implemented, etc. This will include CORD, NFV, Automation, Orchestration scenarios.)
  • OSS/BSS Integration (leveraging BP workflow engines incl BPMN, API’s)
  • Programmability and the Blue Planet DevOps Kit (self-programmable facilities and methods for the accomplishment of this)

About Richard Lopez

Rich Lopez is Global Head and VP of Solution Architecture for the Blue Planet Business Division of Ciena. He has an R&D background and was previously PLM for the Blue Planet portfolio at Cyan prior to acquisition by Ciena. He thus has good breadth of knowledge of the R&D line stemming from its origins and up to and including our most recent and innovative projects. Rich had an extensive industry career with executive and senior engineering positions held across organisations such as Cyan, Tellabs, Mahi Networks and Applied Digital Access.