Networked Society Symposium 2018

Melbourne School of Design
Basement lvl, Bldg 133
Masson Rd
University of Melbourne, Vic 3010


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Kate Murray

The Networked Society Symposium showcases the breadth of research occurring at the University of Melbourne's Networked Society Institute. It provides an opportunity to engage with and debate matters essential to the networked society.

The symposium also provides networking opportunities with researchers, industry, policymakers, and the community. The day includes research presentations, keynote speakers, interactive demonstrations, panel discussions, and plenty of catered breaks in between.

In 2018 the Networked Society Symposium will focus on digital ethics and human-computer interactions. We will be showcasing new research into how companion robots affect wellbeing, the rise of robot lawyers, data and cybersecurity. Plus, new developments in virtual reality rehabilitation, smart workwear to monitor employee health, interactive education models and so much more.

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Keynote speaker

We are proud to announce A/Prof Leila Takayama as our keynote speaker. Takayama is a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) researcher with expertise in experimental social science approaches to studying how people interact through and with computers/robots.

Takayama is currently an acting associate professor of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is also a founder and researcher at Hoku Labs and was previously a senior user experience researcher at GoogleX.


Welcome - Thas Nirmalathas, Director of Melbourne Networked Society Institute

Keynote - A/Prof Leila Takayama, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Connecting People via Networked Robotics

What does a future of networked robotics hold in store for us? As people are wildly speculating about what the future of robots will look like, this is a good time to realize that we already live in that future. We actually know a lot about what it’s like to telecommute to work everyday via telepresence robot.

Coming from a human-robot interaction perspective, I’ll be sharing some of those experiences and lessons with you. Over the past several years, I’ve collaborated with remote colleagues via robotic telepresence systems that enabled them to drive themselves around the office, join in those impromptu hallway meetings, pounce on us when we didn’t respond to emails, and ultimately build stronger working relationships. I’ll present the research lessons learned from several years of fielding prototype telepresence robots in multiple companies and running quantitative user studies in the lab to figure out how to better support remote collaboration.

11:00amMorning Tea

Data and Cybersecurity

A key focus area for the Institute because as networks become more pervasive carrying ever-increasing amounts of important information ensuring they are secure is essential. Hear from four research projects working in this area

Future of Work

Explore the impact of connectivity and new technology on how we work.

Poster presentations from our Doctoral Academy
Interactive augmented reality (AR) history demonstrations

Education and Awareness

The Networked Society offers new ways to deliver formal education and important information to communities in an interactive, inclusive manner. Learn about four ways the Institute is supporting these changes.

Digital Transformation of Health

Hear how new developments such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and robotics are being applied in healthcare.

3:15pmAfternoon Break

Digital Ethics panel

Networked Society Symposium 2018 concludes with a panel discussion between experts around how we can tackle the ethical quandaries that arise from increased connectivity and new technology.

Prof Scott McQuire (chair), Deputy Director (Research) at Networked Society Institute

A/Prof Leila Takayama, University of California, Santa Cruz

Peter Bailey, Principal Applied Scientist, Microsoft

Dr Victoria Palmer, Institute Fellow (Applied Ethics), Networked Society Institute

Dr Jenny Waycott, Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne


Networking Drinks


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