Secrecy for Sale: Unravelling the Panama Papers

Brown Theatre
Ground Floor, Electical and Electronic Engineering (Bldg 193)
University of Melbourne


Imagine you have just been handed an immense amount of leaked information that could change the world. How do you navigate the data, how do you locate the important details and form them into a story for the general public?

The Panama Papers were a milestone event in data journalism and mobile collaboration. When the Panama Papers were leaked to a German newspaper they realised the volume of data they had been given was immense. They called on the help of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and soon 107 media companies from over 80 countries were working on the data.

In this afternoon of intrigue learn how the Panama Papers investigation was done. Join us as we explore the process and technology behind this ground-breaking exposé.

This talk will focus on how ICIJ told the Panama Papers story and the data journalism process involved. It will include a technical demonstration by Neo Technology using the Panama Papers dataset enriched by the Open Corporates dataset to show how multiple datasets can be merged for new insight into the connections within their data.

Eventbrite - Secrecy for Sale: Unravelling the Panama Papers

About the speaker

Hamish Boland-Rudder is ICIJ's online editor. He spent two years running the breaking news website for The Canberra Times, which included co-ordinating digital coverage of elections, major sporting events, and live coverage of significant natural disasters. Hamish also instituted new digital reporting rounds for the daily newsroom, and has himself spent time as a reporter writing for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Korea Herald, The Canberra Times, and various other publications. He studied at the University of Sydney where he was awarded the Helen Newborn Bennett prize for history and was granted an Australia-Korea Foundation Fellowship.