Mapping the Melbourne Sharing Economy research paper launch

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Richard Newton Rooms
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A new economic ecosystem is emerging in Melbourne. It may sound strange, but chances are you are already a part of the Sharing Economy: whether it's renting out that lawnmower you never use, catching a lift via an app instead of a taxi, or shirking the hotel to stay at the home of a local on your next holiday. Where once we bought and sold, today we exchange, share, barter, lend and give. These are all parts of the Melbourne Sharing Economy, but it's only the tip of the iceberg.

Our Mapping the Melbourne Sharing Economy researchers are launching their latest paper. The report presents findings from an analysis of the scale and scope of the sharing economy in Melbourne. It provides a snapshot of the sharing economy landscape of Melbourne, and identifies future directions for further research.

The results of this project are vital for researchers wishing to further explore and understand the sharing economy. It is useful for entrepreneurs wanting to view the landscape within which their business may operate and important for industry and government planning for this fluid and emerging cultural shift.

Melbourne Network Society Institute invite you to join us for a presentation of the project findings and a celebration of the paper launch. You can access the full Mapping the Melbourne Sharing Economy research paper here.

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