State of the Art in Virtual Reality Applications

Forum Theatre, Arts West North Wing (Bldg 148),
University of Melbourne


Virtual Reality (VR) is a transformative technology that is disrupting many facets of traditional business, media, and social communications. This is your chance to discover the commercial and creative opportunities first-hand from VR masters. 

  • Matt Lee (VP of Alibaba investment arm Youku Global Media Fund, Hangzhou/Hong Kong)
  • Duncan Ransom (Academy Award winner and CEO, The Endless Collective, New York), 
  • Mark Pesce (Co-Creator of VRML, Sydney).

The event includes an executive briefing session in the morning and three VR masterclasses in the afternoon run by leaders in the field of VR. Half-day bookings are also available. 

The masterclasses are:

  • Proposing VR Ideas to Investors
  • The Art and Craft of VR Experiences
  • Human-Centred VR Design

This event is a partnership between the University of Melbourne's Transformative Technologies Research Unit (Faculty of Arts), Melbourne Networked Society Institute, School of Culture and Communication, Microsoft Social NUI, The Carlton Connect initiative, and X Media Lab.

Event Details

WHEN: Thursday 29 September 2016, 8:30am to 5:30pm 

WHERE: Forum Theatre, Arts West North Wing (Bldg 148), University of Melbourne

PRICE: from $275 / $495