Networked Society Symposium 2017

Melbourne School of Design
Basement lvl, Bldg 133
Masson Rd
University of Melbourne, Vic 3010

The Networked Society Symposium showcases the breadth of research occurring at the Melbourne Networked Society Institute. It provides an opportunity to connect, engage and debate the matters essential to the networked society. The symposium also provides networking opportunities with researchers, industry, policy makers and the community. The day includes research presentations, keynote speakers, interactive demonstrations, panel discussions, and plenty of catered breaks in between.

We are proud to announce Professor Luciano Floridi as our keynote speaker. Floridi is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at Oxford Internet Institute where he is also Director of the Digital Ethics Lab. He is best known for his foundational research on the Philosophy of Information and Information Ethics, two new research areas that he contributed to establish.

This is a free event but we do recommend registering as the event will book out.

9:30am Welcome - Thas Nirmalathas, Director of Melbourne Networked Society Institute

Keynote - Professor Luciano Floridi, Director of Digital Ethics Lab at Oxford Internet Institute.

The Green and the Blue: The smart deal for a sustainable and preferable future
Today, in any mature information society, we live neither online nor offline but onlife, that is, we increasingly live in that special space that is both analog and digital, both online and offline. Imagine someone asking whether the water is sweet or salty in the estuary where the river meets the sea. That someone has not understood the special nature of the place. Our information society is that place. And our technologies are perfectly evolved to take advantage of it, like mangroves growing in brackish water.

In the mangrove society, machine-readable data, new forms of agency and interactions are constantly evolving. The consequences of such a radical transformation are many, but one is particularly significant and rich in consequences: how should we design the mangrove society, when it comes to the relationship between the natural and the digital?

In this talk, Prof Floridi will argue that the digital blue is a great ally of the environmental green. The two work best in tandem. And if the world will enjoy a sustainable development for the environment that is also socially preferable for humanity, it will be because green and blue will have created a virtuous circle of nature and technology. It can be done. There is just no time to waste.

10:45am Morning Tea

Urban Green Spaces

Green spaces are a valuable asset to the cities and their inhabitants. They help to regulate the urban heat island effect, provide habitat for animals, and offer open recreation spaces for the community.

Hear from our three research projects working in unison to monitor and map the value of green spaces in an urban environment. Learn how we have turned University Square into a living lab that is showing us how to design smarter cities that will create healthier and happier citizens.

12:30pm Lunch and poster presentations from our Doctoral Academy

Medicine ex Machina

Learn how popular new technology is being used to transform healthcare in surprising ways.

Digital Transformation of Society

How fundamental industries such as law, agriculture and architecture are changing in the digital age.

2:30pm Afternoon Break
2.40pmLaunch of AutoHack18

Panel - Philosophy of Technology

Networked Society Symposium concludes with a panel discussion  between thought leaders around how increasing connectivity has changed us as people and how we think - both the positives and negative.

Andi Horvath (moderator), Podcasting Coordinator at University of Melbourne

Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Technology at University of Oxford

Thas Nirmalathas, Director of Networked Society Institute at University of Melbourne

Belinda Barnet, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at Swinburne University

Jenny Waycott, Senior Lecturer in Computing and Information Systems at University of Melbourne

4:00pm Networking Drinks

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