The Electric Empire


Richard Newton Rooms
Level 5, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Bldg 193)
University of Melbourne


A research seminar that addresses and accounts for a gap in the work of "post-autonomist” theorists of globalisation.

Post-autonomist thinkers Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri provide an assessment of trends in globalisation that leads them to the conclusion of the existence of a political structure that they call "Empire". This Empire is founded on capital, military, and cultural networks of imperial power, that they claim reaches down into everyday life. This leads to arguments of "networked sovereignty" and "global pyramids" of power and authority. At the same time, this structure is presented without adequately forming a theory networks or a theory of media.

This presentation, delivered by Robbie Fordyce, will review and contextualise their work, and provide an overview of the thesis that summarises this critique.