Ben Rubinstein wins Young Tall Poppy Science Award

Congratulations to our researcher Dr Benjamin Rubinstein who has been awarded the Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award for 2016!

The Young Tall Poppy Science Awards recognise the achievements of outstanding young researchers in the sciences, including physical, biomedical and applied sciences and biotechnology. The awards not only acknowledge the recipients’ achievements, but also aim to  promote an awareness of Australia’s intellectual achievements among the Australian public. 

Ben has been recognised for his work with artificial intelligence and machine learning. His work investigates the robustness of the artificial intelligence used in today's cyber defences, and the impacts of user privacy on big data analysis. Ben is internationally recognised in adversarial machine learning.

At MNSI Ben is a part of our Active Defence research project. This project is developing an active defence system to support real-time security decision-making for network operators. It is a novel risk management approach to network infrastructure systems. You can learn more about this project and the team here.

We are very proud to have Ben in the MNSI community and think this award is a well-deserved recognition of his talents and hard work. Bravo, Ben! From all of us here at MNSI.

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