Melissa Hathaway on cyber security: Is Australia ready?

We love our technology. It is convenient, entertaining, and in many instances it makes life easier. But how often do you stop to think about the security implications of your online sharing and connectivity? Cyber security expert Melissa Hathaway delivers the latest talk on MNSI Public Lectures podcast.

Melissa was invited to speak as a guest of both the Melbourne Networked Society Institute and CISCO and her lecture is titled Cyber security: is Australia Ready?

The Internet supports the development of economic growth, drives innovation and the delivery of services. However, as connectivity has increased so to have security risks. In this public lecture, Melissa Hathaway discusses the need for cyber security and how Australia is placed to respond to this challenge.

The talk starts with a fascinating look at the rise of the internet, the information communication technology that followed and how this new digital age has permeated our every day lives.

Hathaway addresses important questions around how all this personal data that a connected life in a networked society produces – how this data is handled, stored, and used.

In answering these questions Melissa looks at government promises, responsibilities, and the role policy plays in a hyperconnected society. She looks at what we need to do as citizens, as institutions, as universities, as countries, as leaders – to prepare for the future implications on privacy from the emerging hyperconnected networked society

Finally, she lists five key changes that need to be made so we can be cyber security ready.

The MNSI Public Lectures podcast delivers talks from thought leaders and experts around connectivity, technology, futurism and other topics facing the networked society. It is available on SoundClound and Stitcher. Coming soon to iTunes.

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Click here or more of Melissa Hathaway's work thanks to the Belfer Centre, Harvard University.

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