Green and Blue - colourful keynote announcement for NSS17

As the Networked Society Symposium 2017 takes shape some interesting ideas and topics are emerging. The overall theme of the event is The Philosophy of Technology and under that umbrella notion, Professor Luciano Floridi has been musing about the place where digital blue meets nature's green.

Floridi writes:

"Today, in any mature information society, we live neither online nor offline but onlife, that is, we increasingly live in that special space that is both analog and digital, both online and offline.

Imagine someone asking whether the water is sweet or salty in the estuary where the river meets the sea. That someone has not understood the special nature of the place. Our information society is that place. And our technologies are perfectly evolved to take advantage of it, like mangroves growing in brackish water.

In the mangrove society, machine-readable data, new forms of agency and interactions are constantly evolving. The consequences of such a radical transformation are many, but one is particularly significant and rich in consequences: how should we design the mangrove society, when it comes to the relationship between the natural and the digital?

In my keynote speech for the Networked Society Symposium 2017, I shall argue that the digital blue is a great ally of the environmental green. The two work best in tandem. And if the world will enjoy a sustainable development for the environment that is also socially preferable for humanity, it will be because green and blue will have created a virtuous circle of nature and technology. It can be done. There is just no time to waste."

Luciano Floridi is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at Oxford Internet Institute where he is also Director of the Digital Ethics Lab. He is best known for his foundational research on the Philosophy of Information and Information Ethics, two new research areas that he contributed to establish. He will be delivering the keynote speech at the Networked Society Symposium 2017 - a free event at the University of Melbourne that showcases the breadth of research from the Networked Society Institute.

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