Networked Society Institute now collaborating with NBN Co

Our work at the Networked Society Institute has long run parallel with NBN Co. We have researched broadband and recently ran a two-month long hackathon around automation with NBN Co involvement.

Today, NBN Co announced an agreement with two universities - University of Melbourne and University of Technology Sydney - for research and development (R&D) of technologies around internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics and visualisation, future of work and more.

“We are delighted to be working with NBN Co to undertake innovative research that shapes our connected future." said Professor Mark Hargreaves, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research Collaboration and Partnerships) at the University of Melbourne.

“The relationship, driven by the University of Melbourne’s Networked Society Institute, connects NBN Co to the outstanding research talent of the University.

“We are excited to see our researchers and students work closely with NBN Co to create positive social and economic impact.”

In addition to R&D, the agreements are expected to cover additional opportunities for collaboration such as post-doctoral research opportunities and student exchanges. Each of these focus areas align under the goal of collaboration to adapt new ideas and translate innovation into a commercial reality.

“We are committed to supporting the higher-education sector and are excited about scoping out the opportunities for R&D in the coming months." said Dr Ray Owen, Chief Technology Officer at NBN.

“With these innovative institutions – UoM and UTS – we saw a natural fit in helping NBN Co further enable the digital economy."

The deployment of the nbn™ broadband access network is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the history of Australia. Combining technical resources in this relationship can enhance abilities of bringing new technologies into the market.

In addition, the Institute and University of Melbourne will have access to NBN Co’s substantial technical resources. This will be hugely beneficial to the University, researchers, and students in terms of gaining access to real-world telecoms network operational data.

We at the Institute are happy to announce the collaboration with NBN Co and excited by the possibilities this will bring.

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