The Institute provides funding to support innovative research projects and researchers.

Seed Funding

NSI provides short-term funding, up to one year duration, to support innovative research projects that will have an impact upon the networked society.  View our current and past research projects.

Doctoral Academy

The Doctoral Academy brings together a cohort of PhD students who are engaged with research relating to the networked society. The Academy provides a forum for graduate research students to connect, collaborate and build interdisciplinary linkages.

NSI Lab Internships

MNSI provides Masters students in the Melbourne School of Engineering the opportunity to undertake internships to work on an innovative research project in conjunction with industry and research collaborators. The internship provides students hands-on experience and industry skills.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We partner and work with a range of organisations from large multinational technology companies through to small and medium enterprises and not-for-profits. Collaboration ensures that our research is addressing the challenges facing society and is making use of the latest technologies that are enabling connectivity.