Partnerships & Collaboration

To assist us in understanding and creating the connected future, we have an open and inclusive approach towards partnerships and collaboration. Actively working with external partners is an extension of our interdisciplinary approach and is essential to ensure that the networked society delivers positive social benefits.

We partner and work with a range of organisations from large multinational technology companies through to small and medium enterprises and not-for-profits. Collaboration ensures that our research is addressing the challenges facing society and is making use of the latest technologies that are enabling connectivity.

We welcome partnership opportunities from other research institutes, industry, government and the not-for-profit sector. Partners are involved at a variety of levels, from supporting the activities of the Institute to providing specific technical support for a project, or by having a problem that novel applications of connected technologies can solve.

Our current research partners include:

Our activities are supported by the contribution of the members of our Advisory Board who provide industry expertise and experience to assist in the development of our strategic directions.

We engage with like-minded organisations to collectively shape the networked society and are currently a member of:

We have an open door for partnerships. If you are interested in collaborating please contact us to explore the opportunities.