The NSI Lab is a central part of the Institute. The Lab provides an environment to actively undertake research and development activities that are creating the networked society. Located within the Institute the Lab provides a physical space that allows for experimentation, testing and demonstration of new applications and services.

The Lab is supported by a dedicated team of researchers, who provide the knowledge, skills and expertise to fashion practical solutions and support the Institute’s research activities. The team actively contribute across the full spectrum of the Institute’s research projects and initiatives, ensuring that the technological dimensions of the networked society are incorporated.

The Lab is essential for project development and has an active development program, which enables and supports collaborative interdisciplinary efforts between University researchers through the provision of technical networked focused skills. A key aspect of this is the Lab's student intern program.

The Lab is connected to a number of external resources to support the research efforts of NSI. The Lab brings together experimental networks, software, and connected devices to facilitate interactions between NSI research programs and enable innovation. Additionally, the Lab provides an opportunity to develop and foster collaboration with a diverse range of partners.