Social Networks and Urban Green Spaces

Urban green space plays a critical role in shaping the health and wellbeing of residents and promotes community health and wellbeing. However, measuring their benefits is currently difficult.

Existing research is often conducted within disciplinary silos, at smallā€scales in the laboratory, or at neighbourhood levels using intrusive measures such as surveys, or with course spatial scales. Such findings do not provide a detailed picture of the association between green space and mood or social connectedness within the broader population.

The emergence of new technologies is providing tools to support measuring when, what, how and for whom urban green spaces provide benefits. This project is conducting a human dynamics study of urban green space and wellbeing by examining social media to better understand users’ mood and social connectedness. This will provide important information about how to effectively incorporate green space as a health promotion tool across cities around the world.

The project will create detailed mood snapshots and maps of mood and social connectedness across cities around the world, and to understand the role of green space in influencing these important measures of peoples’ wellbeing.

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Seed Funding 2016

News and Events

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