A Sensor-Enabled Campus

Developing infrastructure to enhance internet of things (IoT) operations across the University

There is a problem enabling Internet of Things (IoT) operations across the University. This project is seeking to develop an infrastructure to enable deploying IoT and making IoT observations accessible through a standard interface.

The Sensor-Enabled Campus infrastructure will enable the ability to deploy IoT devices, aggregate their data and integrate their data with a variety of sensors to create a holistic IoT-enabled campus. The project will lower the barriers for students, researchers and practitioners to develop innovative solutions and experiment with new IoT devices. The infrastructure will transform the campus ecosystem, enabling the University campus as a site of research supporting inquiry across a range of domains including intelligent buildings, sustainability, wellbeing, agriculture and advanced manufacturing among others.

Research Team

Mohsen Kalantari, Infrastructure Engineering

Fernando Koch, Architecture, Building and Planning

Mark Morris, University Services

Behzad Rismanchi, Infrastructure Engineering

Soheil Sabri, Infrastructure Engineering

Tansu Alpcan, Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Seed Funding 2017