Colourimetric sensor chips for lab-on-a-smartphone

Recent years have seen a staggering uptake in smartphones. This presents exciting opportunities for laboratory instruments for applications that range from medical diagnostics to environmental pollution monitoring. Such instruments would be very small and lightweight in comparison to traditional approaches. This would be a result of the fact that the imaging (digital photography), computation, communication, and user interface (touch-sensitive screen) functions of the instrument would be provided by the smartphone. This could enable a revolutionary personalised medicine approach in which consumers monitor their own health using devices attached to their smartphones. We propose to develop colourimetric sensor chips as part of these projects. We furthermore propose to develop reader devices for these chips. These would comprise attachments that convert smartphones to optical microscopes and related instruments.


  • Kenneth Crozier - Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and School of Physics
  • Wuzhou Song - School of Physics
  • Shiqiang Li - Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • David Manton - Melbourne Dental School
  • Rodrigo MariƱo - Melbourne Dental School


IBES Seed Funding 2014

Expected Completition

October 2015